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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

mouthAs I watched tears roll down Mrs H’s face I couldn’t help but wonder if she didn’t understand what had happened. After all, she just woke up from a life saving operation with one caveat, she could not speak. She had a tube down her throat helping her breath and

this could be temporary or permanent. To me that was a minor issue. As long as she was alive, she could mouth her words, write them down and use such other means of communication, however, Mrs H did not share my sentiments.

 This whole episode got me thinking about our ability to speak and if we truly understand how powerful a gift this is. Day in day out, words roll out of our mouths but do we realize how it shapes our environment, how expedient it makes our lives. Most importantly, we have a choice in this matter. “ Words kill, words give life they are either poison or fruit, you choose” (Prov18:21). The Bible is filled with verses on how to use our words, urging us to control our tongue and in James we are told though the tongue is a small member of our body, and like a small fire it can set a whole forest ablaze. Many other verses also seem to cast the tongue in such negative light and even a fool who used it less is considered wise. If I didn’t have a tongue before reading the Bible, I’m not sure I would want to have one after!  But all these warnings are given to impress upon us how spiritually impacting this ability is.

I’m unaware of Mrs H’s spiritual background but I believe she had the right attitude. “What is life without the God given ability to communicate, to call things forth?”

As we consider the question “What are we saying”?, a good starting point is determine to whom are we speaking? What do we say to God, to man and lastly to our environment?