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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

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 At a certain time in everyone's life, we have wondered about the process of finding a spouse (better half, partner or mate). There are interesting biblical examples that present this process from God's perspective.

Let's take a look at the account of Adam in Genesis; Adam was doing his work when God said, “it is not good for the man (Adam) to be alone. I will make a helper who is right for him."

God brought Eve to Adam and he recognized her as his wife (read the story in Genesis 2: 18-25). Note that Adam was busy tending the garden of Eden, taking care of his business as it were.

Again, we will see this process at work in Abraham's account. Abraham told his servant to go to his country to get a wife for Isaac. The servant went and brought Rebekah to Isaac. Isaac then took her as his wife (read the story in Genesis 24).Isaac was also busy taking care of his business, not losing focus.

Ruth was determined to follow her mother-in-law (Naomi) anywhere, and went with her to Bethlehem. One day Ruth decided to go to the field to gather grains, and by divine order, she happened to be on Boaz’s field. Boaz met her and was very kind to her. Naomi told Ruth what to do to get Boaz’s attention. Ruth agreed and did as Naomi told her, and this got Boaz's attention.Note again that Boaz was about his business.

He went ahead and took Ruth to be his wife (read the whole book of Ruth for the detailed account).

Another interesting account is the story of Esther. After queen Vashti was banished from the palace, King Xerxes' personal servants proposed that a search be made for beautiful virgins from which the king will choose one to replace Vashti. The King agrees to this, and different women were brought before him and he picked Esther to be his Queen (read Esther 2:1-18). King Xerxes did not lose sight of his responsibility of ruling over 127 provinces.

If you look at all these stories, the men did not have to leave their business or calling to go look for a wife. God brought the women to where their husbands were, and the men recognized them and made them their wife.

Now let’s look at the flip side of doing the opposite. Abraham helps Isaac with getting a wife but Isaac tells Jacob his son to go in search of a wife.  Jacob gets there and works for Laban. Laban asks Jacob what he should pay him for working and he volunteers to work for seven years to marry Rachel but after those seven years he got Leah instead of Rachel! He wasted seven years of his life in search of a wife! 

He got Rachel after working another seven years for Laban (read the story from Genesis 28 -30). If Isaac had done the same thing for his sons that his father had done for him, their stories would have been different.

This story makes me wonder, "did Jacob have to go through all that to get a wife?", but one thing is for sure, we serve a faithful God. God always makes provisions for our mistakes. The point is, God brings the wife to where her husband is and it is left for the husband to recognize his wife. God divinely orchestrates the affairs of man and He will connect you with your spouse.

Keep loving and serving Him with all your heart, and don't get distracted by leaving the place of your calling in search of a spouse.


Men: God, help me to recognize my wife when you bring her to me.

Women: God, help my husband to recognize me when you connect us.