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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

man prayingWhat does the word "blessed" mean?
Matthew 5:6. "GOD bless you" means may the Lord empower you, give you the grace to do what he wants you to do. It means may God connect you with a source and resource beyond what you can imagine. It means may the Lord make you large; You are praying for  increase. Colossians 2:19, Isaiah 51:2. 

You are praying  for enlargement and expansion. You are saying may you experience the warmth of God's good pleasure.

"God bless you" means may the Lord make you experience good fortune. Psa 65:11, Psa 63:5, Psa 65:4, John 11:10

Your spiritual hunger is connected to you experiencing the blessing of God. Deut 34:9

The word ‘filled' means - to be satisfied fully, saturated with fulfillment. Deut 33:23, Psa 16:11.

You cannot hunger after righteousness if you don't know what it means.

What is Righteousness?

  1. Righteousness is a relationship, a state, a position - to be right with God. Righteousness is a condition for a satisfied life.
  2. Righteousness is a lifestyle. It's a practice. Jer 5:23
  3. Living right as God intends it.

Why do I need to live righteously?

  1. It is the way to live as a Christian and it is the way to get to heaven.
  2. A righteous life draws the anointing.
  3. A righteous life activates the blessing.

Hunger and thirst:
To have a strong desire.

To long for something. Psa 42:1,2, Psa 63:1, 63:8

To have a longing to live right.

How can I maintain my spiritual hunger?
1. Stop feeding on junk. Psa 81:6, 1 Cor 6:12
2. Do not be satisfied with where you are, what you have or what you have achieved. Heb 13:14. 2 Pet 1:2
3. Remember He first loved you when you were unlovable.
4. Make knowing God your number one goal. Isa 1:3.
5. Remember that appetite is influenced by association. Pro 2:20.{jcomments off}