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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

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 engagementThe Rules of Engagement: The rules that govern the initiation of relationships.

Rules guarantee safety, the best way a product should be used. Rules prevent abuse. If you do not follow the rules, you will not enjoy the product.

  1. You must be a man. A boy is a person who is not taking responsibility for himself. You must be a man spiritually, socially and financially.
  2. You must know your purpose in life. Know what you represent. Look for someone that fits into your purpose. What moves you to marry a woman is a cause: A purpose. A mission. What will you be accomplishing together apart from having children?
  3. You must have a timeline for when  you want to get married. Be sure you want to get married.
  4. Until a man has said he wants to marry you, you are just like any other girl.
  5. Never give the privileges of marriage in courtship. When you see something you don't like, don't be under pressure, you can pull out. Don't broadcast your relationship to the whole world until it is necessary.
  6. Never operate any relationship in secrecy. Prov 11:4
  7. Don't broadcast your relationship to the public immediately
  8. Never follow a man to his people when he has not seen your people. 
  9. Never cohabit with a man or woman before marriage. 
  10. Deemphasize the container and emphasize or focus on the content. Look for a wife that you will make beautiful, don't look for a beauty queen you will have to teach character. Prov 31:30
  11. Neve lose your spiritual life in the name of courtship. Any relationship taking you away from God should be dropped.  
Why do people cohabit?
  1. Fear of commitment
  2. Fear of divorce
  3. The need to protect individual wealth
  4. The desire to maintain names as they are
  5. The fear of being tied down
  6. Haunted by marriages that ended badly
  7. A belief that marriage is a kind of limitation

As a single, you need instructions in the area of marriage. Get involved in service. Be involved

Courtship is talking and interviewing time. You cannot marry someone you cannot talk to. Do not ignore character or warning signs during courtship. 
Self discovery precedes spouse discovery. You must know yourself well enough before choosing a spouse. You must know your purpose. Your purpose is not what you develop, it's what you discover. It's what God has packaged you do. 
You can know your purpose by investing in your spiritual development. The more you know God, the more you know you.
Marriage is a relationship between three people: you, your spouse and God.