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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

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rev george adegboyeWhat is a foundation?

A foundation:
- Is the beginning of anything
- Is the start of anything
- Is the first part of anything
- Is the base or basis of anything
- Is the root of anything
- Is the most permanent part of any building
- Determines the longevity
- Determines what it can carry and can't carry
- Is the depth of the building that determines the height
- Is what remains when everything goes down
- Is the unseen part of a building
- Is the most concrete part of a building

 A marital relationship's foundation is:

- How the relationship began. Whatever you can't testify about, don't do it. History will always stay with you.
- What you did and did not do at the beginning of the relationship.

What are the assumptions that determine a foundation?
- The height of the building
- The purpose determines the type of foundation you will build
- The amount of weight the building is supposed to carry
- The atmospheric condition of the place where you are building. Relating to marriage: The nature of marriage in your family

Types of foundations:
- The foundation of purity:  Hebrew 12:1. Sex before marriage breeds all types of problems, distrust, marital unfaithfulness, separation and divorce.
- The foundation of leaving and cleaving:  Break any ties between you and your parents. Until you properly leave, you can't properly cleave.
- The foundation of spiritual alignment: The word of God must be your final authority. You must have quantitative and quality time with God. When your prayer life is sound, you can't make destiny errors. 2 cor. 6:14
- The foundation of purpose:  Do not  be unequally yoked. Deut. 22:10. Purpose should have a higher priority in marriage than love.
- The foundation of spiritual covering: Eph 6:2. Honoring your parents also involves reaching out to them financially. Have someone you reverence, respect and honor.
- The foundation of love: Mark 12:30. Any man or woman who does not evidently love God cannot last in marriage. You have to be able to submit to God before you are able to submit to your husband. Songs of Solomon 4:9.

What is the connection between your Christian life and your marital life? 1 Peter 2:1-25, 3:1-7
- The success of your home or marriage is dependent on the success of your Christian life.
- If you have a bad Christian life, it will reflect in your marriage.
- You can never be a bad Christian and be a good wife or husband.
- When marriage fails, it's your Christian life that fails.
- All it takes for your marriage to succeed is to be a Christian at home.
- Treat your spouse the way you treat other Christians.
- Respect your spouse the way you respect other Christians. Gal 5:22-23
- Pardon and forgive your spouse the way you pardon and forgive other Christians.
- God expects us to owe no man anything but love.
- God expects us to submit ourselves to one another  in the fear of God.