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Inspiration for finding and fulfiling purpose.

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redeeming timeThe Advantage of A New Year

A new year is:

- The passing of TIME
- An opportunity to redefine your priorities
- An opportunity to redefine your purpose
- An opportunity to redefine your life’s vision
- An opportunity to re-establish worthwhile goals
- An opportunity to bury the past and move into a new future

The Principle of Time
- Time is life
- Life is defined as time
- Life is measured in time
- Life is determined by time
- Life is lived out in time
- Life is qualified by time
- The passing of time is the passing of life
- Life stops when time stops
- Death is life leaving time
- Time is temporary - life is eternal

Maximizing Your Days
Psalms 39:4 - I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalms 90:12 - So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Ecclesiastes 8:6 - For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter

The Equality Commodity of Time
- Time is the only commodity on earth given equally to each human being
- Time is the only commodity every human possesses
- Every human every day is given the same amount of time
- What you become in life is determined by how you use your 24 hours

Spending Time
1. Time is the currency of life
2. Every human is given the same amount of time each day
3. Time like all currency must be spent
4. Time is used to buy life
5. You become whatever you spend your time buying

Time is so powerful, that whatever you invest your time in, you become.

Abusing Or Wasting Time
Just like money…

1. Time can be stolen
2. Time can be abused
3. Time can be lost
4. Time can be squandered
5. Time can be appreciated
6. Time can be depreciated
7. Time can be devalued
8. Time can be revalued

What To Do With Time
1. You can manage time
2. You can use time
3. You can invest time
4. You can convert time
5. Time should be used to initiate, create, develop, build, and add value to the life that exist in it

Eph 5:14-18

Your life is how you use your time.
You have to assess whoever is asking you for something, including your time.

Re-deeming The Time
1. To take ownership and control of your time
2. To convert into opportunity to fulfill your purpose
3. To design your days to create value in your life

You have to plan your day, or your day will be planned by somebody else.

How to Redeem The Time
1. Time like all commodities must be managed
2. Time must be protected
3. Time must be protected
4. Time must have a purpose
5. Time must have a vision
6. Time must have measurable results
7. Time must have worth and value

10 Keys to Redeeming Time
1. Document a plan (of what you want to accomplish in the year)
2. Establish your priorities (based on that plan)
3. Pursue your passion only (Not every invitation is a blessing, not every opportunity is a blessing. The devil’s greatest weapon to a disciplined woman or man is distraction, not sin - Not everything that is good is right)
4. Protect your plans & priorities
5. dentify what you value
6. Make decisions based on destiny
7. Inventory your associations
8. Review your investments
9. Do not try to please everyone. You can't make everybody happy
10. Forget the past and pursue and design the future

Control your future by making a plan. Forget about what you didn’t accomplish. John 7:6-9
Let this be the last year you waste. Repent of the bad decisions you’ve made and ask God to help you make the right decisions in the new year.

Lord give me the courage to make hard decisions that may hurt me, some habits that I need to cut away.